Thiviyaa & Prashanth - Wedding - Edited

Event Planning Made Easy

by The Rani Company

Our job is to keep you organized and on track from

engagement to dance floor.

This little team will act as your vendor liaison, onsite coordinator, bet settler, troubleshooter, sounding board and (sometimes) therapist throughout your wedding planning process. We specialize in traditional, modern and unique celebrations.

We promise to be right there with you throughout the whole process, including the day itself. We are tireless perfectionists and lovers of love that will ALWAYS be there during your THAALI MOMENT. We're in the wedding biz because we're motivated by creating meaningful, memorable experiences. It truly is what drives us.


Our favourite weddings are the non-traditional, intimate, thoughtful ones. We love a big budget as much as the next planner, but we really get excited about unique celebrations. We want to create something that represents you as a couple.


Your wedding day should be as one-of-a-kind as your love story.

We Include the following components in our packages:

Venues & Event Centres (Toronto, Scarborough, Vaughan & Mississauga)

Service/Wait Staff

Tables Setup

Lunch/Dinner/Breakfast Meals (Buffet,Family Style & Packaged)


Live Stations (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)

Mango Shakes, Sherberts, Coffee & Tea

Mellam/ Naheswaram (In-House)

Malais + Floral

Coordination & Event Planning (In-House)

Event Design & Decor (In-House)

Centrepieces (In-House)

Nirakudman (In-House)

DJ + Sound (In-House)

Iyar (In-House)

Limo (In-House)

Let's put together the perfect package to make that dream come true!

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